Plants that attract positive energy

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Plants that attract positive energy
Plants that attract positive energy

Plants in the home and garden make everything more beautiful around us. But some of them, in addition to purifying the air, can promote positive events. See which ones are good to have in your home or office.


Jasmine was the sacred flower of Persia and there are a number of historical accounts of its great importance to the Persians. Place it in your home to stimulate positive energy and improve your self-esteem. Jasmine can also stimulate romance and improve relationships with your loved one. The plant has the ability to stimulate the heart chakra.



One of home purification. His presence will help you reduce stress and anxiety. Rosemary creates inner peace. Placing it next to your front door will protect your home from negative energies.


A beautiful plant with a wonderful aroma and colors that helps to clear any emotional ailments. It grows well in shady or dark places. It is ideal for your bedroom as it will help you have a sound sleep. The lily is believed to be the flower of birth and is like a messenger that can suggest such new possibilities.


Lavender is durable and strong It has many magical properties. Thanks to its fragrance, you can relax in tense moments after a long working day. But not only that, the aroma of lavender helps with headache, insomnia,removes toxins from the home, stimulates mental activity, brings protection and healing.


Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has incredible healing properties. Can be grown in natural or artificial light. Its leaves are full of healing gel that helps with burns, minor skin injuries, pus bags on the skin, acne, but also makes the skin more beautiful and young. Aloe is a wonderful hair care product. Place it in your home whenever you want and remove bad luck and negative emotions.


A wonderful herb to have in your home as it purifies the air and attracts positive vibes. Basil is not only a spice but a plant with healing properties, removing toxins and giving spiritual power.


Orchids release oxygen during the dark part of the day. Placed in the bedrooms, they balance the energies while you sleep. In ancient times in China, the orchid was considered a stimulant of sexual energy. The flower, enhances romance and love, removing negative influences,promoting positive vibrations.


Not only for flavoring dishes, but its aroma evokes happiness, peace, love, spiritual purification. Tea from the herb helps relieve many ailments. The best place for it is in the kitchen in the sunniest part of the room. When you bring it into your home, oregano will welcome positive energy and bring you family harmony and happiness.

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