Parable: We are all pencils

Parable: We are all pencils
Parable: We are all pencils

Each of us has a certain mission. Some do good deeds, some bad, but we all leave marks in time. Some marks are permanent, others fade quickly.

We move through life as the pencil leaves marks on the white paper. The following instructive story will tell you why we are all pencils.

Parable: We are all pencils

Once a little child saw his grandmother writing a letter and asked her:

- Are you writing about me?

The grandmother stopped writing and answered with a smile:

- You guessed it, I'm writing about you. But more important than writing is what I write with. I would like one day when you grow up to moan like this pencil.

The child looked at the pencil with curiosity, but did not notice anything special.

- But this pencil is like all other pencils?! - added the child.

- It all depends on how you look at things. This pencil has five qualities that are essential to you if you want to live a life that is in harmony with the world.

First: You can be a genius, but you must never forget the existence of the hand that will guide you. We call this power the hand of the Most High. Believe in this great power and learn to feel it.

Second: To write, I have to sharpen the pencil. It's a little painful for him, but then it writes very nice and smooth. That's why learn to endure the pain, remembering that it ennobles you.

Third: If you use a pencil, you can always erase with the eraser any mistake you made. Remember that correcting your mistakes is not always a bad thing. It's often the only way forward.

Fourth: For a pencil, it is not important what wood it is made of or its shape, but what is inside it is the graphite. So always think about what is happening inside you.

Fifth: The pencil always leaves a mark. So you too will leave traces with your actions. That's why it's important to always consider every step you take.

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