To all mothers with love

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To all mothers with love
To all mothers with love

Mothers are awesome! They are incredibly needed, desired, loved, adored, beloved - they are our whole life!

Without them, we ourselves would not have the gift of life. They are the ones who brought us into this world. It's not that fathers aren't important, on the contrary, nothing in nature would be the same without the role of the mother.

That special woman whose example we follow in life, even when we don't agree with her. We seek her approval, we struggle just to prove to ourselves that we are capable of living up to her expectations. And in the end we always realize, no matter how much we don't want to, that mom was right.

To celebrate the fact that our mothers are our most precious beings in this world, we are sharing with you why it is great to be a mother!

Mothers bring new life to this planet

It is an honor and a real privilege for a woman to bear this wonderful responsibility, namely to bring new life to this planet. It's a real pride. Knowing that nature has given you such an important role in this life is priceless.

Not all people think about it, but actually motherhood is a holiness and a true mission.


Mothers raise and educate

It's not only us people who are like that. Animals do the same. Without the mother, newborn life is lost. He needs her example and guidance to survive. Who but mom will show us the right way!

No matter what school institution we will be placed in at a certain stage of our lives, the school of life headed by mom is the most valuable lesson in our earthly path!

Mothers make sacrifices

everything for your offspring - your goods, your time, your he alth, even your life.


She will always be by our side in all difficult, happy and memorable moments. A mother is truly happy and satisfied when her children are happy. She will always be ready to make compromises and sacrifices in order for them to achieve balance in their lives.

Moms can do so many things at once

One of the distinctive features of women, distinguishing them from men, is precisely the ability to do many tasks at the same time. The female brain is structured in a radically different way than the male.


Women can do one thing, think another thing, and anticipate a third thing, all absolutely simultaneously!

Guys, no offense, but when have you been able to think and do so many things at the same time? Mothers hone this skill even more than ever when a tiny defenseless baby is added to their care!

Mom knows best

Every mother knows what is best for her child. We don't know how they do it, we're not sure what that maternal instinct dictates, but it's a fact. Even in the moments when we didn't want to believe that it was so, after time we realized the rightness of our mothers.

They just know what's right. No matter if they know all the details of what's bothering us, they always find a way to assess the situation.

How can you not be proud to have just such a mother!

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