Elder syrup – 5 he alth benefits of its consumption

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Elder syrup – 5 he alth benefits of its consumption
Elder syrup – 5 he alth benefits of its consumption

When looking for natural remedies to boost immunity, we can't go past elderberry. We can find it in the form of extract, nutritional supplements, tea or the delicious syrup that we dilute with water, sometimes we add a little lemon to it. Elderberry provides us with vitamins from the B group, potassium, selenium, copper, iron. If you are a fan of the unique syrup that is made from it, see what it is good for besides coughs.

Helps with flu and colds

Although elderberry syrup increases the defenses of the immune system, it is also recommended for consumption during colds and flu. Western research shows that elderberry can help us recover faster because it contains vitamins A and C. According to a 2016 research article published in Nutrients, taking elderberry syrup a few days before a hike or trip, as well as a few days after, reduces the duration of colds.

Works as a natural diuretic

Diuretics help our body to eliminate excess amounts of water and s alt in the form of urine. According to a number of studies, elderberry helps with drainage, and elderberry syrup is a particularly tasty and pleasant way to help our body. So we are not so puffy, we control the high blood pressure. Last but not least, elderberry syrup also helps with constipation.

For beautiful skin

Elder has been shown to support skin he alth thanks to its anthocyanin content, a compound that gives the fruit its bright color. Anthocyanins have been shown to fight natural aging processes, thereby improving skin tone and radiance. Elderberry is also a rich source of vitamins A and C, which are some of the most beneficial for her he alth and beauty. Instead of drinking canned juices, fizzy drinks, drink elder syrup One can also find one made with honey and not just sugar.

Reduces inflammation in the body

Elder is known for its many anti-inflammatory actions, thanks to the nutrients it provides us. Inflammation in the body as a result of stress, unhe althy eating, immobility, excess weight and more is at the root of many chronic diseases. On the other hand, elderberry, including in the form of a delicious syrup, helps to reduce inflammation.

For good brain he alth

Another benefit of elderberry syrup is that it is beneficial for cognitive he alth, as it is believed to be able to reduce the risk of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's disease. Scientists believe that specific nutrients in elderberry reduce the cognitive decline that is also characteristic of aging.

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