How scary is abdominal obesity really?

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How scary is abdominal obesity really?
How scary is abdominal obesity really?

Belly fat is not just fat. They have specific he alth implications. Unfortunately, so-called abdominal fat says a lot more about he alth than we think.

Abdominal obesity can not only lower our self-esteem and make us look fuller than we really are, but it can also indicate disorders in the body's he alth.

Abdominal obesity carries risks of certain diseases, so consultation with an endocrinologist is recommended.

What is abdominal obesity?

The accumulation of fatty tissue in the abdominal area is called abdominal obesity. It can happen at any age and gender. Recently, many children have become victims of abdominal obesity.

There is a strong relationship between abdominal obesity and cardiovascular disease. Therefore, people suffering from such accumulation of fat around the abdomen should be especially careful about this problem.

What are the causes of abdominal obesity?

The specific cause is still unknown to medicine. The problem is thought to be complex and the result of a combination of genes, lifestyle and environment.

Most often, the reasons come down to reduced sensitivity to one's own insulin or so-called insulin resistance.

Studies also show that smoking mothers also have fat deposits around the abdomen, which is due to the lowering of estrogen levels in the blood due to nicotine.

Eating habits are a big factor. Improper diet, eating late at night, stress, tension and some gastrointestinal problems have a big impact on abdominal obesity.

How can abdominal obesity be prevented?

The answer is a balanced diet and intense exercise. Abdominal obesity means that there is something wrong with your body in terms of insulin in the blood or stress hormones.

If immediate measures are not taken to control abdominal obesity, it can contribute to the development of a number of diseases.

Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Water is the best means of provoking the removal of toxins from the body.

Eat your food thoroughly. It is important to chew well, not to eat quickly and above all – not to consume harmful food.

Limit your soda consumption. If you feel like drinking something non-alcoholic, replace it with water with lemon. It has many more benefits for the body.

Say no to sweets. We all love them, but they are the main enemy of a slim waistline.

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