How does olive oil help hair?

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How does olive oil help hair?
How does olive oil help hair?

The secret of the beautiful hair of the women living by the Mediterranean has long been revealed. Not only do they often consume olive oil, but it is also part of their beauty routines.

Rich in vitamin A,chlorophyll, flavonoids and more, olive oil has found its medicinal and beautifying uses since ancient times. How does it help hair?

Soft and shiny hair

The phenols found in olive oil help prevent oxidative damage caused by free radicals in our body. Antioxidants protect against oxidative stress and DNA damagecaused by free radicals, improving the overall cellular function of our body.

Also, frequent application of olive oil on hair,provides good protection against UV rays, but also improves its overall texture, color and shine.

Hair and Scalp Moisturizer

Olive oil is a rich source of fatty acids, which are essential for improving the structure of the skin and hair. It contains vitamin E and fatty acids such as palmitic acid, stearic acid and linoleic acid 6, which form a protective layer around each hair and prevent moisture loss.

Olive oil has strong permeability and therefore can effectively moisturize hair follicles. Therefore, if your scalp is not oily, you can massage your scalp with a small amount of olive oil once or twice a week before washing your hair.


Olive oil in combination with lemon juice, can help eliminate dandruff.

Mix equal amounts of olive oil, lemon juice and water. Apply to wet scalp with light massage movements and after 20 minutes you can wash your hair with shampoo.

Last but not least, olive oil can enhance hair growth and reduce hair loss.

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