4 skin benefits of sea s alt peeling

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4 skin benefits of sea s alt peeling
4 skin benefits of sea s alt peeling

Sea s alt is well known to us. We flavor our meals with it, make warm compresses when we suffer from inflamed sinuses. But it is also a wonderful care for the skin of the face and body. Have you used a peel made with it? Check out some good reasons to try this care.

Reveals Beauty

Light massage of the skin with peeling prepared with sea s alt helps to remove dead skin cells. It is important to exfoliate our skin regularly, as this prevents their build-up. When we rarely exfoliate, the skin looks thicker, flabby, dry, flaky. On the other hand, exfoliating with a s alt peel helps reveal her glow.

Feeling of lightness and freshness

When we have a facial or body massage by a specialist, after this pleasant procedure we feel as if a large part of the tension has been removed, we feel lightness. Peeling with sea s alt, which we can do at home, also has an invigorating, cleansing effect. This is largely due to improved blood circulation, which also contributes to our skin looking fresher and more radiant.

Peeling also helps eliminate bacteria from the skin, unclogging pores. Sea s alt has antiseptic qualities and when applied to the skin, it can help kill bacteria and reduce inflammation.

We take care of skin regeneration

Exfoliating with a sea s alt scrub also promotes the regeneration of he althy skin cells. This helps the skin to have a tighter appearance, an even complexion, improves its texture and tone.

Detox and less stress

Sea s alt is a natural detoxifier as the s alt absorbs toxins from the skin. Did you know that in Antiquity, the Romans and Greeks used warm sea water as a type of relaxation therapy? Massage with sea s alt scrub can also be called an anti-stress therapy that can even improve sleep quality.

How to prepare such peeling at home?

There are many different options of sea s alt peels. You can add spirulina powder or matcha green tea powder, essential oils, shea butter, macadamia nut, honey, ground coffee, olive oil and more to your recipes.

Here is a sample recipe. In a bowl, combine ½ teaspoon of sea s alt – if the grains are too large, you can crush them slightly. To the s alt, add ½ tsp coconut oil, the grated rind of 1 lemon or lime.

Everything is mixed well. It is important that peeling is done on previously washed skin of the face or body. It is applied carefully, with rotating movements, without pressure, so as not to scratch the skin. Massage for about 2-3 minutes. After rinsing it off with cool water, be sure to apply a suitable cream.

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