Sesame oil for beautiful skin and hair

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Sesame oil for beautiful skin and hair
Sesame oil for beautiful skin and hair

Sesame oil is rich in vitamin E, phosphorus, calcium magnesium. It has a pleasant taste and is often used in cooking.

It is called an elixir and has been used for thousands of years to treat various ailments as well as to nourish the skin and hair. See how with its help you can be more beautiful.

For hair:

Helps in rapid hair growth

Applied to the roots of the hair with light massage movements, sesame oil improves blood circulation. Its ability to penetrate deeply and its valuable elements favor hair growth. Even severely damaged hair can regain its beauty and he alth thanks to sesame oil.

Sun protection effect

During the summer months, it is especially important to protect your hair from the harmful rays of the sun. Applying sesame oil to the scalp and along the length of the hair will protect them from the effects of ultraviolet rays.

Sesame oil forms a protective layer around the hair and thus protects it from the sun's rays, as well as from other harmful effects of the environment.

It has an antibacterial effect and helps with dandruff

Applied on the scalp, sesame oil has an antibacterial effect. If you suffer from dandruff, at night before going to bed or a few hours before washing your hair, apply the oil to the scalp with massaging movements. Then wash your hair as usual.


To achieve an effect, follow this therapy for several weeks. This will reduce the irritation and flaking of the scalp and get rid of the unpleasant dandruff.

Prevents hair from drying, breaking and blooming

Sesame oil can be used alone or in combination with other beneficial oils such as olive oil, almond oil. Apply it along the length of the hair, focusing on the ends.

Wrap your hair in a warm dry towel for about 20-30 minutes, then wash as usual.

Slows down graying of hair

Graying of hair is due to a number of factors such as diet, gene, stress, he alth condition etc. Regularly massaging the scalp with sesame oil will reduce graying of hair and make it stronger and brighter.

For skin:

Sun protection effect

Sesame oil is rich in vitamin E, which acts as an excellent antioxidant and as a natural sunscreen. Free radicals and oxidation from sun exposure can seriously damage your skin.

To see how sesame oil will work for you, apply it to a small area of your skin and see how it affects you.

Slows down skin aging

To slow down skin aging, add sesame oil to homemade masks or directly massage the skin. Sesame oil contains an antioxidant called sesamol, which effectively prevents the appearance of wrinkles.

Sesame oil will also help detoxify the skin, is antibacterial, repairs damaged skin and helps with psoriasis and eczema.

How to use it everyday?

You can add it to homemade face masks. Here is a sample beautifying face mask: Puree a peach or a few apricots. Add some honey and some sesame oil to them. Mix well and place the mask on cleansed skin for 10-15 minutes.

Use the oil as a lotion. After taking a shower, don't soak the water off your skin, but apply a small amount of sesame oil. A gentle massage with it will help retain moisture in your skin, making it beautiful and soft.

If you have a bath add about 15-20 drops of sesame oil to it, along with another favorite essential oil. Soak in it for about 10-15 minutes. This will cleanse your body, help you relax and nourish your body skin.

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