9 habits for a he althy liver

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9 habits for a he althy liver
9 habits for a he althy liver

The liver is an extremely important organ of our body. Life is impossible without it. Over 500 vital functions are carried out in the liver. That is why we desperately need him to be in good he alth. However, for this purpose, we need to take care of it. In many cases, we don't realize how much we are actually putting a strain on it. We must keep in mind that the liver is not eternal, however capable it is of regenerating its own cells. If we don't take proper care of it every day, we increase the risk of liver diseases that we certainly don't want to cause.

What are the daily habits that help a he althier and well-functioning liver?

Stop smoking

Cigarettes don't just damage the lungs. They also adversely affect the liver, as they saturate the blood with chemicals that increase the risk of many diseases, including premature death. The liver filters the blood and these chemicals make it seriously difficult.

Eat onion and garlic

Vegetables from the onion family contain large amounts of sulfur, which activates the secretion of liver enzymes and supports the detoxification of the body and liver.

Reduce or stop alcohol

Frequent consumption of even one or two glasses of alcohol, regardless of whether it is concentrated or not, can lead to difficulties in the work of the liver and its damage.

Choose natural pain relievers over medications whenever possible

If you have a headache or suffer from malaise, premenstrual syndrome or any other temporary condition that requires the use of pain relievers, try to use mostly natural ones and only as a last resort, when they do not help, resort to medication. All the drugs we take indiscriminately without a prescription put a strain on the liver and contribute to its damage in the future.

Eat he althy fats

He althy fats found in fish, lean meat, eggs, avocados, legumes, nuts, olive oil should be a priority. Processed, refined trans fats are a no-go if you want to keep your liver he althy, and not just your liver.

Eat lemons

Lemons are useful because they alkalize the environment in the body. This helps the liver to work better and detoxify the body. If you're worried about the harsh citric acid, try drinking lemon water every morning. And this is important for the liver, metabolism, digestion.


Beetroot has powerful detoxifying properties. It helps remove toxins from the liver and the body, thanks to the betaine in its composition.

Replace sugar with stevia

Whether you choose exactly stevia or some other he althy food substitute, it is important to know that the abuse of sugar burdens not only the pancreas and the processing of glucose in the blood, but also the liver. It can also lead to hepatic steatosis (fatty liver), which is thought to be caused primarily by excessive consumption of saturated and harmful fats. But sugar also contributes to this condition.


Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties that help the liver deal with inflammation in its cells, neutralize fat deposits, accelerate metabolism, detoxification and cleansing of this important organ and the whole body.

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