How to move more while at work

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How to move more while at work
How to move more while at work

If you work sitting for at least 8 hours a day, you probably don't get enough exercise. Not everyone can boast of particularly regular physical activity. A person can hardly have free time for training every day. If you go to the gym rain or shine and the rest of the time you spend mostly sitting, this does not bode well for your he alth.

However, sitting for a long time at work and not having free time for exercise does not mean that you cannot move while working. There are many little tricks that can help you add movement to your otherwise sedentary occupation.

To reduce he alth risks such as diabetes risk, cardiovascular risk, obesity risk and other serious diseases associated with immobility, you can use every minute to move while you work.

The importance of movement is enormous. Even taking small walks and body movements while working or sitting has a big impact on the body. It's better than doing nothing at all. You can get the rest of your body's need for exercise in your spare time by building an exercise routine to stick to.

How to move more while at work?

Take traffic breaks

Get up from your desk whenever you get the chance. Walk to the kitchen, dining area, toilet. Try to remind yourself to get up every hour, even just to go to the trash can to throw something away.

Move your feet under the desk

Legs can help push more blood out of your lower extremities. In the legs, blood circulation deteriorates with prolonged sitting, so it is important to move them often. Raise them, bend the ankles in a pointe and release in a counter pointe. Do whatever comes to your mind while working. It is recommended that you get up every hour, and your small breaks should last between 5 and 10 minutes.

When you get up from your desk, stretch. Stretching muscles and tendons improves blood circulation and activates muscle activity. Stretching helps reduce cramps, pain, stiffness and stimulates muscle tone.

If you have the opportunity to work at a standing desk, do it. If your desk is adjustable and can be raised and lowered, take advantage of this opportunity and occasionally raise it to work upright.

Use your lunch break wisely

Instead of sitting during the entire lunch break, eating and drinking coffee with colleagues, take time to go for a walk. Use any free time to get moving.

Do desk exercises

There are many types of desk-friendly exercises. You can do some of these during your work day. They don't require a lot of time and space, so you can take advantage of them to burn some calories and get moving.

Try doing walking meetings

Suggest to your colleagues that you hold your meetings directly or in combination with walks. It can also be more productive for your work, as the brain works better and is more creative when the body is in good shape.

Use the stairs

If you need to go to a colleague or another department at your workplace, don't use the elevator, use the stairs. They are a wonderful way to incorporate more movement during work. Use stairs in your everyday life too. Only board vehicles when necessary.

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