25 ways to speed up your metabolism in the new year

25 ways to speed up your metabolism in the new year
25 ways to speed up your metabolism in the new year

Everyone dreams of looking good. It would be great if we could eat whatever we want and be he althy and fit at the same time. Those who strive for the perfect figure know how difficult it is to achieve.

Everyone has their own way of maintaining or achieving good shape. With fasting and diets however, it is certain that long-term success is doomed. That is why some specialists recommend working in the direction of acceleration of metabolism.

Faster metabolism supports their absorption and breakdown of fats. In this way, weight control becomes easier and your efforts towards he althy eating are rewarded.

Here are some simple and easy ways to boost your metabolism besides exercise and training:

1. Reduce the coffee by a cup or two depending on how much you drink.

2. Try different calming techniques for breathing.

3. Rest on the sofa with your legs raised vertically.

4. Make chamomile tea your favorite bedtime drink.

5. Get up at sunrise.

6. Squat to pick things up off the ground, don't bend over.

7. Eat fruits instead of sweets.

8. Eat more he althy fats at the expense of harmful ones.

9. Meet more often with friends live, not just on social networks.

10. Break your bad sitting habit. Move more. Change your sedentary lifestyle.

11. Rest more. Good emotions and quality rest stimulate the metabolism.

12. Eat an apple 30 minutes before each meal.

13. Fuel your water with fruit. Fresh fruits give not only a unique smell and aroma to the water you drink, but also saturate it with vitamins.

14. Use the toilet on another floor. Always use the stairs to reach it.

15. Avoid elevators and escalators whenever possible.

16. Make sure you get enough magnesium.

17. Turn to he althy proteins.

18. Don't skip the green leafy vegetables. They must be present in at least two of the meals during the day.

19. Have breakfast with low-carb foods.

20. Divide your food into small portions, but in larger quantities.

21. Do 4 minutes of intense exercise every day.

22. Take a walk before dinner.

23. Drink more water.

24. Never, ever skip breakfast.

25. Eat foods rich in B vitamins of group B.

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