How to build a fitness routine that you don't break?

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How to build a fitness routine that you don't break?
How to build a fitness routine that you don't break?

Maintaining fitness habits and making them a consistent routine is something that many people can't handle. In order to achieve results in losing weight and tightening the figure we need to be really persistent. That's the hardest part. It is even more difficult than the execution of the exercises Will and self-control are required, which sometimes escape us.

What can you do to be able to stick to a fitness regime for a long time and not give up the he althy movement you need?

Get Rid of Guilt Instantly

Guilt is a big obstacle to sticking to a routine. Anyone who starts a diet to lose weight and exercise or work out knows how hard it is to give up some of your favorite treats that make you feel happy. Most people who allow themselves to break their diet from time to time feel guilty for doing it, feel like a failure, and keep weighing themselves on the scale. When we are more lenient and kind to ourselves, we are less likely to suffer failures, which we also take harder and more painfully.

So to be able to stick to your fitness routine and not give up after the first month, stop blaming yourself when you make mistakes.

Come up with a reward system

Train your patience. Reward yourself after a successful workout. Go for a manicure or treat yourself to a yoga session to relax your body and spirit. Once a week you can also afford a cube of chocolate to celebrate the victory over the pounds. Over time, the workouts themselves will become your reward and you will become more and more motivated and stricter with them.

Tilt the results in your favor

If you always look at things from their negative side, you will quickly lose interest in making efforts for a beautiful and he althy figure. That's why it's important to try to favor what you've achieved instead of despairing that the needle on the scale hasn't moved for a while. Know that weight gain is a completely normal phenomenon and that it takes time and persistence to get things moving again in the direction you want. It's important to keep trying.


Lie to yourself

If it will motivate you, do it for your own good. Tempt yourself to go to the gym. Psychologist Sandy Joy Weston, author of the book "My 30-Day Reset Journal," shared in an interview with that she heard the story of a woman who purposely kept her makeup kit in her locker at the gym. So every morning she had to go to the gym, so that she could then face her daily work commitments with a beautiful make-up on her face. If you're having a really hard time sticking to a fitness regimen, figure out a way to trick yourself into doing it.

Find like-minded people

Sometimes our friends and family get in the way of sticking to our diet or exercise. Therefore, it is important to find a suitable environment that is on our wavelength and that tries to achieve similar goals to ours.

Do something you enjoy

If fitness is not your favorite workout and this type of exercise is totally against your taste, find something else that you enjoy and that you don't have to do. This way, you will certainly not give up before you achieve a result.

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