12 reasons to eat chili peppers

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12 reasons to eat chili peppers
12 reasons to eat chili peppers

If you are traveling in Thailand, Mexico or Korea - learn in the local language or in English how to say "no spicy" if you want to be served slightly spicy food. Otherwise, you risk turning into fire-breathing dragons.

We don't need to eat dishes from foreign cuisine, and we can prepare spicy recipes here. You may not have liked spicy food before, but suddenly you are drawn irresistibly to the slightly stinging taste of hot peppers. You rule out the possibility of being pregnant. It is surprising that even children like the slightly spicy food. For a real man, this is one of the main signs of masculinity. Here are 12 reasons why chili is good for your he alth:

Enhances Male Power

Red hot pepper restores/intensifies potency.

They get sixes in school

Children who study poorly and have trouble concentrating will improve their performance if they eat spicy foods because spicy stimulates the brain.

For flu and cold

Cleans the respiratory tract and unclogs the nose. Stimulates sweating, reduces discomfort in case of high temperature.


Increases the level of pleasure hormones - endorphin and serotonin. Calms the nerves, reduces the effects of stress and acts as a mild pain reliever.

Sleeping medicine

Spicy is a great sleeping pill. Its warming function relaxes the nerves and helps you fall asleep faster. And since the bile of spicy food lovers is rarely overflowing, one gets a good night's sleep and is alert and fresh the next morning.

Irregular Menstruation

It has a beneficial effect on women with gynecological problems such as irregular monthly cycle, the cause of which is strong emotional tension, sedentary lifestyle, irregular and incomplete nutrition, insufficient sleep and rest. This is where hot pepper comes to the rescue, which regulates the work of the ovaries.

Hair is getting nicer

Spicy strengthens the roots of the hair and has a good effect on its growth, as it improves the blood circulation of the tissues. Spicy food is recommended for women with thin and brittle hair and nails.

Strengthens immunity

Hot pepper contains twice as much vitamin C as lemon. Increases the joy of life and reduces stress.

Met the extra pounds

Helps in diets with extra pounds by activating blood circulation, normalizing metabolism, accelerating metabolism, helping the body to expel toxins.

Less S alt

Naturally reduces the use of s alt. When the taste is slightly spicy, you will gradually reduce the s alt to a minimum.

Better digestion

Stimulates the secretion of bile juice, which leads to better digestion

For depression and melancholy

Activates vital forces, restores appetite for food and love for life.

Hot pepper also helps withdiseases of the respiratory system; prevents the development of type 2 diabetes, atherosclerosis of vessels, benign tumors, prevention of cancer, allergic diseases, reduces cholesterol. etc.

Bitter is contraindicated in gastritis, gallstone and duodenal ulcer, cystitis, thyroid gland diseases, epilepsy, glaucoma and some skin diseases.

Now you know why Thais, Koreans and Mexicans are always smiling and cheerful.

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