Simple tips to prevent diabetes

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Simple tips to prevent diabetes
Simple tips to prevent diabetes

Diabetes type 1 and 2 are increasingly common diseases affecting the world population. According to some startling data, by 2020, about half of the world's population will suffer from some form of diabetes or pre-diabetes.

Diabetes occurs when cells stop registering insulin produced by the pancreas. The initial condition is called insulin resistance, which eventually develops into diabetes.

The amount of glucose in the body begins to accumulate. Following are a number of problems with organs and systems directly affected by high sugar levels.

What can you do to prevent or reduce the risk of diabetes? Here are some easy tips to follow:


Keep moving

Exercise is one of the best ways to combat diabetes. It is recommended to take a 10-minute walk after each meal. Thus, the cells' tolerance to their own insulin is significantly improved.

Studies show that light walking and exercise after meals greatly reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Do Yoga

According to studies, yoga has a very beneficial effect against diabetes. Yoga postures and breathing while performing them reduce blood sugar levels and significantly improve insulin resistance.

At every convenient minute do yoga and meditate. You can do it even in your lunch break for a few minutes.

Do strength exercises and weight exercises

Just one session of weight training or bodyweight strength training is enough to lower your blood sugar levels to a minimum. This is because during hard work, the muscles use up large amounts of glucose in their need for an immediate burst of energy.

This is why you shouldn't underestimate weight training, but should do it more often.


Don't get stuck

"Easy" to say, especially in professions whose work is mostly related to working with computers. Almost all people know how important movement is and how harmful sitting for long periods of time is.

It makes blood circulation difficult, causes a number of diseases and related complications. It also contributes to sudden spikes in blood sugar levels and their permanent retention by the body.

Follow these tips daily, watch what you put in your mouth and you will keep diabetes as far away as possible.

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