Body and He alth Benefits of the Donkey Kick Exercise

Body and He alth Benefits of the Donkey Kick Exercise
Body and He alth Benefits of the Donkey Kick Exercise

The "Donkey Kick" is a popular exercise that has many benefits. It is primarily aimed at shaping the butt, thighs and buttocks, but has a number of benefits for the figure and overall he alth. Although the exercise targets a specific muscle group, it has an effect on the musculature of the entire body, according to Keaton Ray, a trainer and fitness instructor quoted by womenshe According to Ray, donkey kicks are a great way to sculpt your butt, thighs, but also tone your abs and shoulders, focusing primarily on your biggest muscle, the gluteus maximus.

Donkey kicks are a good exercise for strengthening the lower back and buttocks. They are much gentler on the joints than squats and lunges, which are overwhelming for some people. However, they have a similar effect on the muscles. They are also gentle on the spine and neck, as well as on the shoulders. If done correctly, donkey kicks can be an extremely effective and safe exercise for a beautiful figure.

According to, there are many variations of this exercise to add to the movement and load. You can perform it on all fours, with knees bent, arms straight, wrists just below the shoulders. The weight is transferred to one supporting leg, and the other is bent at a right angle and raised successively upwards. The focus should be on keeping the back completely straight with only the leg moving. The foot can be in pointed or counterpointed.

Although donkey kicks are primarily aimed at shaping and tightening the thighs and buttocks, they can have many benefits for the rest of the body as well.

During the performance of the donkey kicks, the shoulder muscles work at full strength. Core muscles are also tightened when performing donkey kicks. This is because in order to straighten your back and maintain a straight line at all times, your abdominal muscles work for this purpose.

Even though you are training one active leg, it does not mean that the other leg remains passive. The supporting leg also takes a load as you try to maintain the position without moving while moving only the active leg. All this combination of loads in almost all major muscle groups makes donkey kicks a wonderful exercise for tightening not only the buttocks and thighs, but also the abdomen, chest, back and arms.

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