The most common mistakes in the gluteus bridge exercise

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The most common mistakes in the gluteus bridge exercise
The most common mistakes in the gluteus bridge exercise

The butt is one of the areas of the body that every person dreams of tightening. Women have a particular need for this, as generally a woman's butt is anatomically larger and with more fatty tissue than a man's. That's why when losing weight, it suffers a lot, softens, sags and needs tightening.

To tighten it, it is necessary to do exercises for this area, which will return its beautiful shape. One of these exercises with a very good effect is the gluteus bridge or the so-called lift of the pelvis and buttocks from the occipital leg.

Gluteus bridge is performed by lying on your back, bend your legs at the knees, relax your arms at the sides of your body and lift your torso up, reaching a flat spine without curves.

At first glance, the gluteus bridge exercise looks very easy to perform, but in fact, a number of mistakes can be made that not only create conditions for injuries, especially to the spine, but also make it ineffective.

Where do people most often go wrong when performing a glute bridge?

You're stretching your lower back too much

Hyperextension of the back in an effort to perform the exercise to the maximum can cause low back injuries. When doing the glute bridge it is very important to try your best to avoid arching your back in any direction, but to keep it completely straight in one line. Otherwise, you may cause pain, discomfort in the lower back, even worse injuries.

You push with your toes, not your heels

The other very common mistake with the glute bridge is lifting the weight of the body using the toes and front of the feet rather than the heels. To make sure that the exercise works correctly and precisely for the back muscles of the thighs and buttocks, it is very important to place the lower legs just below the knees and lift through the heels. This way you will use exactly those muscles that you want to tighten.

You don't squeeze your ass

If you don't squeeze the gluteus itself - the muscle of your butt, the exercise loses its meaning. Remember to squeeze your butt tightly when lifting your torso when performing the exercise.

You use your thighs instead of your glutes and calves

The thigh muscles are the largest in the human body. It is no accident that we use them to move our body. We also make this mistake with the glute bridge because it's easier to lift the torso this way. However, this way we don't strain the muscles of the butt, which are our goal.

You put your feet too close

The feet should be placed as far apart as the distance between your hip joints - neither too close together nor too far apart. The correct position of the legs is essential for the effectiveness of the exercise.

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