How long is it okay to do a plank?

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How long is it okay to do a plank?
How long is it okay to do a plank?

is useful for tightening the muscles of the whole body, especially those in the so-called core or base of the torso. It is effective in tightening the muscles of the abdomen, back, thighs, pelvis and buttocks. When a person has a weak, poorly tightened and relaxed core, it is much more likely to get pain in the back, neck, shoulders, lower back. Pain in the knees and hips is also possible. At such times, plank is a great way to deal with these problems.

There are many different tips on how and for how long to. However, some people make the mistake of overdoing the duration of the exercise, which not only has no he alth benefits, but can also be harmful.

Doug Sklar, a personal trainer, tells The He althy, quoted by he althdigest, that holding the plank pose for 60 seconds three times a week is the best solution to help reduce pain in body, to tighten the muscles and at the same time protect yourself from overdoing it with this exercise.

There is one important condition, however. To be able to stay in the plank pose for 1 minute, it is important to be in very good shape. If you can't take it that much, you shouldn't force yourself because you will hurt yourself. Doing a plank takes practice.

How to plank the right way?

To avoid the lower back as well as some of the weight-bearing joints, you need to practice the plank in the correct execution form. Poor plank form, such as dropping your hips down, can lead to lower back and back pain, Sklar says. It's good to look in the mirror when adjusting your body. It should be a completely straight line from head to ankles without any distortions

Start by lying face down with forearms placed on the mat. Keep your legs extended back with your toes resting on the mat. Push yourself off the mat very slowly and carefully.

Engage mostly your abdominal muscles. You can stand on your elbows or stand on your hands. It is important in both cases that the body is in a straight line. Don't let your hips sag or rise high.

Focus on how much you can handle. Don't chase the 60 second time at all costs. Start building up by a few seconds with each subsequent exercise. Remember to breathe when doing a plank. Muscles need oxygen to be durable and work properly. Holding your breath is a mistake.

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