6 reasons why climbing stairs is the perfect workout

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6 reasons why climbing stairs is the perfect workout
6 reasons why climbing stairs is the perfect workout

Treadmill or exercise bike get tired with every workout. It is recommended not only to diversify so that you do not get bored in the gym, but also to alternate different types of exercises. So their effectiveness is even greater than if you do the same routine series of exercises.

Briskly climbing stairs or running up them is an ideal way to speed up the metabolism and tone the muscles of the whole body.

How to properly climb stairs:

  • Don't hold on to the railing
  • Add extra weight
  • Skip a step by gaining momentum up
  • Maintain an upright climbing posture

What are the main benefits of vigorous stair climbing?

Builds leg and buttock muscles

If you want to shape your lower body muscles well, focus on climbing stairs. This exercise is enough to tighten the muscles of the legs from top to bottom, as well as those of the buttocks.

Relieves lower back pain

If you have back pain, it will get worse when going down. But when climbing stairs, the spine straightens because of the movement of the legs and pelvis when climbing. The movement creates conditions for taking the weight off the spine.

Helps lose weight

Combining cardio with strength training is best for weight loss. Climbing stairs is just such a combination. Emphasize this strategy if you want to lose weight.

This workout is a challenge

Easy workouts are not very rewarding. If you enjoy challenging your body, setting goals to pursue, vigorous stair climbing is for you.

Helps build a strong core

The base of the torso, the muscles of the lower back, the abdominal muscles and those of the small pelvis and thighs form the so-called core. That's where the body's center of gravity is. Every movement is guided from there. This is precisely why it is important that the core muscles are tight and strong.

Stair climbing is the perfect core strengthening exercise, keeps the torso upright by correcting spinal misalignments.

Improves cardiovascular he alth

Climbing stairs raises the heart rate and a faster heart rate means a faster metabolism. It not only brings you a reduction in body fat but also a he althier heart.

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