Plank Exercise Mistakes That Can Hurt

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Plank Exercise Mistakes That Can Hurt
Plank Exercise Mistakes That Can Hurt

is quite powerful and strains all muscle groups. If you perform it correctly, you will achieve a sculpted figure, strong muscles of the back, waist, abdomen, stability of the hips and buttocks. But if it is not performed correctly, there is a great risk of damage to he alth and receiving serious injuries, especially in the area of the spine.

What are the mistakes you should not make in ?

You arch your back

One of the most common plank mistakes is arching the spine at the bottom. Whether the curve is downward or upward, it strains the core of the body and causes the center of gravity to distort, increasing the stress on the vertebrae of the spine. Distortion and pain can result.

In order to perform a plank as correctly and safely as possible without hurting your back, it is very important to do it in the company of someone who monitors the upright posture of the back. A mirror is also a good option.

Looking up

While doing a plank, you should not bend your neck up to look at the clock or the TV. This seemingly innocent movement of the head can wreak havoc on the spine and cause pain, stiffness, twisting, stiffening of the muscles and even severe pain all the way down to the legs. Looking up during a plank tightens the muscles in the neck and upper back, which can cause a sharp pain in that area as well as in the head.


To make sure you're doing a plank correctly, look straight ahead or tilt your head to look at the floor.

You let your hips hang down

Plank is a really hard exercise to do and it's understandable that sometimes the muscles don't hold up, especially in the beginning. This can cause the hips to unconsciously sag downward, relaxing, which can cause pain.

To keep your hips from unconsciously sagging down, consciously squeeze your glutes, or glutes, as well as your quadriceps, the muscle at the front of your thigh.

Excessively long execution of plank

In their desire to achieve results, some people make the mistake of abusing the duration of the performance. If you plank more than necessary, it can hurt you. Gritting your teeth and doing planks for minutes instead of seconds actually destroys good form, not improves it.

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