What can relieve gas and bloating?

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What can relieve gas and bloating?
What can relieve gas and bloating?

Swollen abdomen, gases, stomach pains usually go together and are a consequence of taking various medications, eating spicy foods, pasta snacks and sweets, stress and others.

In addition to gas, which is the main problem, the sufferer often has bad breath, coated tongue, swollen abdomen, stomach pains. The first and foremost thing that can prevent the recurrence of gas in the future is to pay attention to which foods and drinks adversely affect digestive function.

If you are taking medications and the changes have occurred as a result of taking them, inform your doctor about your condition. Otherwise, there are some foods and drinks that can ease your discomfort.


Ginger helps with digestive problems. It can reduce nausea, abdominal pain and gas. Add it in small amounts, fresh or dried, to tea, sweets, soups, dishes, sauces.


Caraway is usually associated with the preparation of various s alty crackers, but it successfully reduces unwanted gas in the abdomen. Chewing a few cumin seeds will relieve cramps. You can also add it to tea by bringing the water to a boil, adding a few cumin seeds and then letting it steep with the tea for a few minutes.


When you have gas in your stomach, add a small amount of garlic to your food, preferably fresh, but since we are already in the season to eat old, use it. Garlic can also help improve your breath because it has antifungal properties. Bad breath is caused precisely by fungi that develop in the oral cavity. As they say, wedge wedge kills, so after garlic you need something to remove its smell.


You've probably heard that babies are given fennel tea to soothe colic. Make a decoction of fennel and drink it several times a day. You can add the fresh spice to salads, dishes, vegetable juices.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Used to treat indigestion and can help reduce gas. Dissolve 2 tablespoons of vinegar in a glass of water, stir and drink.


Can be found in powder form. It is the root of a wild tropical plant. It supports metabolism and can be added as a seasoning to soups, sauces, main dishes.


A pleasant spice that speeds up the digestion process, relieving stomach gas. Add it when cooking or to your favorite tea.

Don't forget the fragrant cinnamon and refreshing mint.

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