17 foods nutritionists don't eat

17 foods nutritionists don't eat
17 foods nutritionists don't eat

Fizzy drinks, instant soups, table s alt… These are just some of the foods that nutritionists (nutritionists) avoid consuming. What else you won't see in their food box or on their table:

Artificial sweeteners – some increase the risk of weight gain, which increases the risk of heart problems and diabetes.

Microwave popcorn – too many hydrogenated fats and artificial chemicals.

Sausages – contain ingredients that increase inflammation in the body, which are a prerequisite for the development of cancer.

Margarine – contains processed vegetable oils.

Boutique fruit juices, smoothies – some of these may contain more calories.

Hotdog – high in sugar, fat, sodium and low in protein.

Instant spaghetti – too much sodium and no nutritional value.

Sweetened fruit yogurts – they look tempting on the ad, but about 50% of the calories from their consumption come from added sugars.

Donuts – usually made from refined white flour. In addition to unhe althy fats and sugar, insulin causes blood sugar to rise.

Fast food burgers – made with low quality ingredients and almost no nutritional value.

Pretzels, pretzels – made mainly of simple refined carbohydrates such as sugar, refined flour.

Rice – made from carbohydrates that raise blood sugar levels.

Canned fruit – most contain too much added sugar.

Cereals from cardboard boxes – an easy and quick breakfast that is very high in carbohydrates and almost no he althy protein, fiber and fat. Most such snacks have added sugars.

Bacon-flavored crackers, cheeses, etc. - contain unhe althy fats, artificial flavors, colors.

Bars with nuts, muesli, etc., protein bars - are not a substitute for a full breakfast, and better to get protein from an animal source. Remember that most such energy bars also contain a lot of sugar.

Plain peanut butter – choose organic products, as other oils have added sugar, s alt, hydrogenated fats.

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