How to stop worrying?

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How to stop worrying?
How to stop worrying?

Stress at work, personal problems, he alth, relationships with loved ones - all this in our daily life causes thousands of worries. The emergency situation surrounding the novel coronavirus - COVID-19 also contributes to deepening our concerns.

However, worry harms he alth, destroys immunity and makes the body susceptible to disease, chronic suffering and even premature death.

Chronic anxiety can even affect appetite, relationships with family and friends, work productivity. It can even lead to mental problems. Acute conditions such as heart attack, stroke, ulcers and digestive disorders are also associated with increased levels of anxiety.

The problem is that we humans aren't equipped with an off button to press every time we start worrying about something. But there are some other things we can do to divert our attention from worries.

Make a list of your biggest worries

When you sit down and start sifting through and thinking about what your biggest worries really are, you'll realize how small the list is. When a person is under pressure, it seems that he has a thousand things on his shoulders. Our consciousness is inhibited and we tend to dramatize.

When you realize exactly how much and what reasons for worry you have, it will have the opposite calming effect, according to psychologists.

Eat he althy

He althy food matters. Stress negatively affects the body in many ways and he althy food is one way to counter it. Avoid harmful foods when you are stressed, because their consumption causes the secretion of adrenaline, that is, more stress for the body.


Training, exercise and even light physical activity are important. They counteract anxiety and, most importantly, provoke the secretion of the hormone of happiness, which reduces anxiety and stress.

Make a worry schedule

It may sound strange, but if you force yourself to worry at certain times and in certain amounts, it will make you feel good. Whenever anxious thoughts or worries creep into your head, start doing something else.

Repeat to yourself that you will worry when the appointed time comes. In this way, you will gradually train your mind to avoid intrusive thoughts and to want to focus on pleasant activities.

Get busy

The more busy you are with some activities, pleasant of course, the less time you will have for thoughts and worries.

Fill your free time with enjoyable hobbies. Find out what you're passionate about and do it. Research shows that the secret to self-preservation is stepping away from intrusive thoughts and long, anxious midnight ruminations.

In order not to wake up in the middle of the night with such anxious thoughts, exhaust yourself during the day with pleasant entertainment and you will sleep like a bath.

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