30 side effects of stress

30 side effects of stress
30 side effects of stress

The human body is designed in such a way that when something is wrong, it suggests with symptoms. Are we paying enough attention to them? How was your day? Have you noticed anything “normal” like headaches, stomach upsets…?

Stress is a part of our daily life, but we don't seem to pay enough attention to it. So we fail to counteract and it accumulates. If you still think you have it under control, check out the 30 symptoms your body is telling you it's time for a change.

1. Frequent headaches.

2. Increased desire to shop, stagger to gambling.

3. Muscle pains and spasms, most often in the neck and back area.

4. Dizziness, fatigue, tinnitus.

5. Frequent flushing or sweating.

6. Cold and/or sweaty hands or feet.

7. Dry mouth or trouble swallowing, tightness in the neck.

8. Frequent colds or infections.

9. Digestive problems, such as heartburn, stomach pain, nausea, constipation, bloating, gas.

10. Shortness of breath.

11. Sudden attacks of intense panic.

12. Chest pain, palpitations or fast heart rate.

13. Lack of desire for sex.

14. Constant anger, feeling of dissatisfaction, hostility, irritability.

15. Frequent mood swings.

16. Lack of appetite or overeating.

17. Difficulty concentrating.

18. Feeling overwhelmed.

19. Thoughts that lead to self-harm.

20. Reduced performance.

21. Social isolation.

22. Feeling of constant fatigue, weakness.

23. Increased alcohol consumption.

24. Taking "mild" relaxing medications.

25. Bleeding gums, loose or loose teeth.

26. Feeling lonely, depressed.

27. Losing extra pounds without dieting.

28. Increase in blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

29. Appearance of skin problems, such as acne, itching on the body, scalp.

30. Hair loss.

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