Why do we gain more weight in summer than in winter?

Why do we gain more weight in summer than in winter?
Why do we gain more weight in summer than in winter?

We are used to thinking that in winter gaining weight is normal, while in summer it is easier to lose weight, but that's not really true.

Putting on weight in summer happens just as often as in winter. In the cold winter months, most of you probably lose your motivation to go to the gym and exercise, preferring to curl up on the sofa and eat something delicious and warming. This is a recipe for weight gain.

It turns out that even in the summer, gaining weight is a fact. The false feeling that we eat less in the summer and are not hungry in the heat makes us think that we are losing weight, which is not quite the case.

During the winter months the body spends more calories to provide the necessary heat to the body. In the summer, these mechanisms are significantly slowed down, as the body does not need additional heating. Accordingly, the calories our body uses are fewer.

It is surprising, but many people gain weight in the summer. One possible reason is a long day, implying less sleep. The sun's rays wake you up earlier in the morning because the light blinds you. And in the evening you go to bed later, because the warm summer day implies walks and meetings with friends until the late hours of the evening.

The less sleep you have, the higher your levels of the stress hormone cortisol. When high, cortisol causes a tendency to store fat, especially in the abdominal area. This, in turn, increases the craving for sweets and sugar.

Short-term crash diets can ruin your figure. Very often, in our quest to quickly prepare our body for summer and put on our favorite swimsuit without shame, we resort to fast diets that promise great results in a short time. These diets have a terrible effect on the metabolism, in most cases they cause a huge stress on the body and have a yo-yo effect, which subsequently worsens the figure even more.

The extreme diets that many people turn to during the summer are actually one of the reasons for gaining weight in this season.

The metabolism works faster in winter than in summer because of the body's desire to burn more calories to provide heat and energy. Take advantage of this mechanism to prepare your figure for summer right from winter. Do not resort to fast drastic diets with too restrictive caloric intake. This is a recipe for weight gain, even weight gain.

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