Why can excessive consumption of nutmeg be harmful?

Why can excessive consumption of nutmeg be harmful?
Why can excessive consumption of nutmeg be harmful?

is a superb spice that gives exotic aroma and taste to dishes. It has many useful properties due to the active substances in its composition. however, it can also pose some he alth risks, especially if it is consumed in too large quantities and too often.

According to Medical News Today, there are potential risks of consuming too much nutmeg. The condition is known as "nutmeg intoxication." This happens because of the chemical myristicin found in nutmeg. It has the property of affecting the sympathetic nervous system when it enters the body in large quantities.

What are the side effects of excessive nutmeg consumption that we should be more careful about?

According to He althline, possible symptoms of nutmeg intoxication can be drowsiness, hallucinations, dry eyes, confusion that can last for hours. Some patients have also reported an unconscious feeling, as if they were half asleep, says Professor Edward Boyer, a specialist in emergency medicine and toxicology, quoted by he althdigest.com. For a certain period of time, memories of past events during intoxication are difficult to return in some patients.

Using nutmeg in concentrated amounts and/or a decoction of the spice as an alternative way to treat various conditions is also dangerous. Before trusting advice on the Internet, educate yourself about the risks of such recipes. For he alth conditions and their management, it is mandatory to consult a doctor before taking any herbs and spices, because they are not at all harmless and can cause you additional harm.

Most of the time people don't realize that they are abusing the amount of nutmeg because it is enough amount of about 1-2 tablespoons to put your he alth at risk. Remember that the next time you reach for this otherwise incredibly delicious and he althy exotic spice.

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