What is s alt used for besides seasoning

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What is s alt used for besides seasoning
What is s alt used for besides seasoning

We know that s alt should be consumed in moderation. Whether we use it in the kitchen or as part of beauty treatments, s alt has its proven he alth benefits. It mainly consists of two elements – sodium and chlorine.

There are different types of s alt: table s alt, low sodium, iodized, Himalayan, brown s alt, sea s alt, unrefined sea s alt. Whichever you choose, consume it in moderation because, as we all know, an overly s alty diet is harmful.

S alt plays an important role in regulating body fluids. It is in the composition of many electrolyte drinks used in patients suffering from diarrhea, dehydration and others. It helps to maintain the he alth of the thyroid gland because it contains iodine. It's amazing how these little crystals can help when we have a cold or a skin burn.

Write down some of the benefits of s alt.

For a sore throat. When your throat hurts, gargle with lukewarm water. Add half a spoonful of s alt to a glass and gargle this several times a day.

When burned or injured

If the burn is in the mouth from hot food or drink, you can ease the pain by rinsing your mouth with s alt water every hour. One glass of water and half a spoonful of s alt.

For a bee sting, make a paste of s alt and water and apply to the affected area. This will reduce the pain and itching.

Bite your tongue or cheek can cause more bleeding, which is rarely serious. To relieve the pain, rinse your mouth with s alt water.

For painful gums, abscess and toothache rinse the mouth again with s alt water. Do the procedure every hour. The s alt should help draw out some of the infection.

For stuffy nose (from cold or allergies)

The procedure is unpleasant, but it helps. Make yourself some s alt water that you put in your nose several times a day. This can also be tried by people suffering from sleep apnea, a condition that involves a dangerous interruption of breathing during sleep. These drops can keep the nasal passages open.

These methods should not replace a visit to a specialist, they are only an alternative that may alleviate your condition.

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