Suitable foods to relieve gas

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Suitable foods to relieve gas
Suitable foods to relieve gas

Gas and bloating can be very distressing. Stretching in the abdominal area causes pain, severe discomfort and inability to cope with daily tasks.

There are foods that, if consumed at night before bed, can help you get rid of gas and feel reborn in the morning. Who are they?

Hot red pepper

Hot red pepper provokes the secretion of digestive enzymes in the intestines. This activates their work, thereby contributing to the elimination of the gases formed.



Yogurt has many beneficial bacteria. These probiotics restore balance to the gut by eliminating discomfort and bloating. In the morning, there will be no mention of the unpleasant gases that tormented you.


Ginger is a very useful spice. This magical root can help you deal with flatulence.

Ginger contains an important digestive enzyme - zingibain, which contributes to the breakdown of gases formed, besides helping to process food.



Dill works wonders in the digestive system. Bloating, gas and a feeling of heaviness will disappear in the morning if you add an enviable amount of it to your dinner. In addition, fennel will also fix your bad breath.

This is due to the compound anethole found in fennel.


Bananas are nutritious, very rich in potassium and protein. It is potassium that contributes to dispersing gas in the intestines and soothing the digestive tract.


A few slices of lemon at night before going to bed will help you eliminate gas and bloating. In addition, lemon will help you activate your metabolism and lose extra pounds. Just eat a few slices every night.



Garlic is one of the most powerful natural antibiotics along with honey and ginger. It also has a soothing effect on the intestines. A clove or two of garlic before bed will boost your immune system, which is directly related to bowel function.


Melons are very rich in liquids and vitamins. This also applies to watermelon. That's why eating a few large pieces of melon or watermelon before going to bed will relieve you of the accumulated gas.

The liquids in these useful fruits have a diuretic effect and provoke the elimination of gases, excess s alts in the body and toxins in it.

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