Eating habits leading to depression

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Eating habits leading to depression
Eating habits leading to depression

We all know that a he althy diet is important to have a he althy body. It turns out that what we consume in the form of food and drink can be a source of depression. Our daily menu should give us energy, be balanced, rich in important nutritional elements, but also not have a negative effect on serotonin levels, to which we owe our good mood.

Too much caffeine

Often coffee turns out to be the only drink that can help us finish what we have planned for the day. Although the drink has a number of he alth benefits, when we overdo it, and if we have consumed other caffeinated drinks during the day, it can increase the risk of depression.

According to studies, too much caffeine can cause serotonin levels to decrease, leading to anxiety, irritability, inability to concentrate.

Too much sugar

How much sugar do you consume per day? Consider how you sweeten your coffee, whether and how often you eat sweets. Serotonin is critical for regulating a number of bodily functions, including the sleep cycle, pain control, carbohydrate cravings, Low serotonin levels are also associated with decreased immune function. Eating too much sugar causes blood pressure to rise, which also increases levels of the stress hormone cortisol. This definitely has a negative effect on our mood and attitude.

Alcohol consumption

Drink to relax, to forget, to lift your spirits. But this is only temporary. In fact, alcohol is a depressant. Regular consumption of alcoholic beverages negatively affects the entire central nervous system. How it functions is very important, as it controls the "processing" of our emotions. Also, alcohol acts on specific serotonin receptors.

Frequent consumption of fried foods

We all have bad days. In these moments, we often resort to the "forbidden foods" that make us feel better. Burgers, fries, fried foods, too fatty foods.

While eating them we feel good, but then the guilt, especially when there is a change in weight, makes us feel even worse. Anything made with hydrogenated oils and containing trans fats could potentially contribute to depression.

Skip breakfast

Want to be in a good mood? Then don't miss breakfast. Skipping it can cause blood sugar levels to drop. The brain does not get enough energy to work, and this increases the risk of depression, as less serotonin is synthesized.

That's why start your day with something delicious and he althy. Your mind and body will "thank you".

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