How to reduce gas during pregnancy

How to reduce gas during pregnancy
How to reduce gas during pregnancy

The formation of flatulence happens not only before pregnancy. One of the key factors in the formation of unpleasant gas during pregnancy is increased levels of the hormone progesterone.

Progesterone is a hormone that causes muscles throughout the body to relax. When the intestinal muscles are relaxed it causes digestion to slow down by up to 30%.

gas builds up much more easily, creates bloating, belches more often and is generally uncomfortable.

As the pregnancy progresses, gas may begin to increase as the uterus increases in size and puts pressure on the abdominal cavity. This pressure also slows digestion and causes gas.

Despite the discomfort you will often feel, you should not be ashamed. This is quite normal. It's good to pay attention to your diet, as there are foods that can contribute to the formation of unwanted gas.

Try keeping something like a daily food diary and keep an eye out for foods and drinks that cause gas after consumption, and also:

  • Avoid or reduce the consumption of carbohydrate foods.
  • Avoid greasy fried foods.
  • Drink from a glass, but not from a bottle.
  • Focus on smaller meals throughout the day.
  • Avoid wearing tight clothes around the waist.
  • Limit or avoid artificial sweeteners.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Eat slowly and chew well.
  • Consume more fruits and vegetables, this will also reduce the risk of constipation, which is often accompanied by gas.
  • Avoid the consumption of legumes and cabbage.

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