Magical he alth drink with garlic and red wine

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Magical he alth drink with garlic and red wine
Magical he alth drink with garlic and red wine

Every person wants to be he althy and enjoy a long life. Natural remedies are very useful in this direction. The correct combination of medicinal products stimulates the function of the internal organs and makes the body resistant to harmful influences.

To boost your body's healing mechanisms, make yourself a magic drink to boost immunity, detoxify blood, clear blood vessels of plaque and lower cholesterol.

This drink contains two main ingredients : red wine and garlic. They are rich in magical and he althy substances that enrich the body and strengthen it.

What is the secret of the recipe:

1. You need 12 peeled garlic cloves to put in a glass jar with a tight-fitting lid, as well as ½ liter of red wine.

2. Place the garlic in the bottom of the dish. Pour the wine over it. Close the cap tightly.

3. Leave the jar in a sunny place. Let the garlic infuse the wine with its beneficial substances.

4. The liquid should sit for two weeks. On the 12th day, put the jar in a dark place.

5. Drink 1 teaspoon of the magic liquid 3 times a day for 1 month. Then rest for 6 months and repeat the procedure.

The magical drink has powerful anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and anti-cancer properties. It kills bacteria and disease-causing microorganisms. It is excellent against any inflammation in soft tissues, melts fat, gives energy and cleanses the body of toxins.

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