Jicama – a root vegetable with many he alth benefits

Jicama – a root vegetable with many he alth benefits
Jicama – a root vegetable with many he alth benefits

Hikama is a special root vegetable that probably not everyone has heard of. Jicama is a relative of the potato. According to he althline.com, it contains plenty of starch. Apart from that, however, it is very rich in vitamins and minerals, fiber and antioxidants Contains a lot of water, which provides good hydration for the body.

Jicama is found in Mexico, the Philippines and South Asia. For this reason, in these places this root root is very popular and is used to prepare many dishes. It has a slightly sweeter taste than potato with a hint of nutty.

The good thing about jicama is that, unlike potatoes, it can be eaten raw. It has a wonderful taste that you can enjoy. According to WebMD, the fleshy inner part of this vegetable is perfectly safe to eat.

What you should never eat is the jicama skin, seeds and leaves. They are poisonous. They contain the substance rotenone, which has insecticidal properties, according to he althdigest.com, which is why it is recommended to eat only the inside of the vegetable.

Hikama has fantastic nutritional qualities. Because of them, it is good to consume it more often.

One cup of jicama contains approximately 32 grams of fiber, 4 grams of protein and about 15% of the daily recommended amount of vitamin C, according to WebMD. Besides all this, jicama is not particularly rich in calories - about 250 calories per 100 grams, which makes it a great friend in weight control

In addition to vitamin C, jicama also contains vitamin B6. Together, they are very important for the immune system and maintaining optimal energy levels. Vitamin B6 is also very important for the synthesis of red blood cells and maintaining the nervous system in good condition. Jicama is also a good way to hydrate because it contains 85% water.

Hicama contains many probiotic bacteria and fiber, which is of great importance for the he alth of the intestines, respectively, and the immune system. In addition, jicama is a great source of vitamin E, B vitamins, vitamin C, and the minerals zinc, phosphorus, iron, and copper. This makes this root vegetable a superior choice for overall he alth.

Jicama also has the property of controlling cholesterol thanks to the high fiber content in its composition. The antioxidants in it fight free radicals, which cause inflammation, chronic and degenerative diseases, cancer.

Jicama is also very suitable for people who monitor their blood sugar and insulin levels It has a low glycemic index which makes it makes it suitable for diabetics and people with insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome and other conditions related to sugar metabolism.

If you come across it, don't hesitate to buy it. Hikama has many he alth and figure benefits.

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