Do fruits make us fatter?

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Do fruits make us fatter?
Do fruits make us fatter?

Full of he althy substances, vitamins and fiber, fruits are undoubtedly a useful addition to the daily menu. Many people choose to keep fit by eating mostly fruit, believing it will help them lose weight.

But don't fruits actually make us fatter?

They have a high glycemic index

Most fruits rank high on the glycemic index. They mostly contain sugars, which in large quantities could cause quite a bit of trouble.

Bananas, mangoes, melons, dates, pears, prunes and pineapples are among the fruits that have an extremely high glycemic index. Let's not forget almost everyone's favorite grapes! Berry by berry we are usually able to eat a whole bunch, but we shouldn't.

These fruits in large quantities have an extremely harmful effect on blood sugar levels, which is a serious risk of triggering diabetes.

This, of course, does not mean to eliminate them from the menu, on the contrary! Consumption just has to be in moderation.

Fruits ferment if eaten at the wrong time

The best time to consume fruit is on an empty stomach, at least 1 hour before a meal. They grind quickly, so it's no problem to shorten the interval - it takes about 20 minutes to process them.

When mixing fruits with heavy food, there is a serious risk of gas and bloating, as well as heartburn. Such intake of fruit in a totally wrong way also carries risks of weight gain.

They are easily overdone

Fruits are delicious and we often don't realize how rich they are in nutrients. This makes us overdo it and eat too much. And the worst thing is that very often we even mix them, which makes it even more difficult for the body to process them.

Adding in the rest of the food during the day, the picture far exceeds the he althy 2,000 calories per day.

It is good to learn to analyze and understand the nutritional value of fruits so that we do not have problems with their consumption and our weight.

For example, an average banana contains 110 calories. If you're an avid banana lover and swallow 4, you need to be very careful about what else you eat during the day so you don't gain weight.

Fruits contain fructose

Fruits are made up of simple carbohydrates that contain a type of sugar called fructose. Such simple carbohydrates can cause sharp spikes in blood sugar levels, which is dangerous for the pancreas. It secretes insulin aimed at regulating blood glucose levels. When the pancreas secretes too much insulin, it runs the risk of exhausting the organ (it is a gland after all) and developing diabetes.

Besides all these troubles associated with fruit, fructose will also lead to weight gain.

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