When do we get full from fruit?

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When do we get full from fruit?
When do we get full from fruit?

What is your favorite fruit? Fruits are good for he alth and figure but in some cases they can interfere with the weight loss process. See what are the most common mistakes we make when consuming them.

High glycemic index

You must have heard of the glycemic index. This is a way of ranking all types of food on a scale that determines which of them, in what way, affect the blood sugar level.

Since there are carbohydrates that break down quickly and slowly, they have a different glycemic index. Fast carbohydrates have a high glycemic index because they cause a rapid rise in blood sugar.

And vice versa – carbohydrates that gradually release glucose into the blood have a low glycemic index. Some of your favorite fruits like mangoes, bananas, watermelon, apricots, raisins and more are high on the glycemic index.

that if you consume not one but 4-5 or more bananas a day, it will have an effect on your insulin levels, and its rise can be one of the reasons you gain extra fat instead of spending the bananas into energy.

Blood sugar spike

Some fruits that are high in sugar (bananas, mangoes, peaches, apricots, grapes, watermelon) can cause a spike in blood sugar. Always eat one type of fruit per meal and then wait at least 20 minutes.

If you're feeling hungry afterwards, it's good to eat a handful of almonds or a piece of cheese. The proteins you'll be consuming will help keep your blood insulin levels from rising in an attempt to regulate blood sugar levels.

Rapid fluctuations in insulin / blood sugar can not only lead to fatigue and loss of energy, but also weight gain.

When combined incorrectly

Fruits should be consumed before the main meal, again remembering to take a short break before the next meal. It takes about 20 minutes for the stomach to handle the ingested fruit.

Many of you eat fruit for dessert, but that is not right. After a heavy meal based on carbohydrates and proteins, fruits can ferment in the stomach This leads to discomfort and bloating, gas formation, fruits are not properly absorbed by the body.

Remember that one of the most common causes of weight gain is precisely the wrong combination of foods.

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