Allowed and forbidden drinks during pregnancy

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Allowed and forbidden drinks during pregnancy
Allowed and forbidden drinks during pregnancy

There are so many things that an expectant mother must consider during pregnancy to be able to ensure the he althy development of her baby. Eating, taking medication when necessary, physical activity and avoiding high levels of stress are among the most important postulates of a he althy pregnancy. But the drinks are no less important.

Everything a pregnant woman drinks has implications for the fetus. Some drinks, like water, are essential, while others are more detrimental.

Which drinks are mandatory during pregnancy and which are not recommended due to the possible harmful effects they have?

Drink water/ don't drink untested tap water

Water is the most essential of the drinks that the body needs both during pregnancy and throughout human life. Water is the building block of our bodies. Our cells are mainly composed of it, which makes it an indispensable drink in a he althy aspect.

On the other hand, drinking water from untested sources is dangerous during pregnancy. Avoid natural mountain springs or tap water of dubious character. They can be a carrier of dangerous bacteria for the development of the fetus.

Drink pasteurized fruit juice/ don't drink freshly squeezed juice

Freshly squeezed juice from citrus or other fruits is undoubtedly packed with important vitamins and minerals, but it can also contain bacteria, even if the fruit has been washed. If you are pregnant, it is preferable to drink pasteurized fruit juice, which has no less qualities.

Drink sports drinks with electrolytes/ don't drink sugary sodas

Not all sports drinks are created equal. They often contain carbohydrates and sugars that are bad for he alth, not just for the waistline. They also contain caffeine, which is not recommended in large doses during pregnancy. If you drink such drinks, read the labels carefully. It is good that they are enriched with electrolytes, minerals and vitamins.

On the other hand, carbonated sugary drinks are not a good idea for both pregnant women and all people, as their harmful potential is scientifically proven.

Drink pasteurized milk/ don't drink raw milk

All kinds of bacteria can grow in animal milk, some of which are really dangerous to he alth. That is why fresh milk should always be consumed after pasteurization or boiling.

Drink herbal tea/ don't drink coffee and black tea

Caffeine stimulates the nervous system of the mother and the developing fetus by overexciting it. Therefore, it is advisable to emphasize herbal teas instead of coffee and black tea.

Drink homemade lemonade/ don't drink alcohol

If you feel like drinking something invigorating, focus on lemon water or homemade lemonade. It is only important to wash the lemons as well as possible in advance to be sure of their harmless influence. Alcohol is allowed in small doses, but nevertheless its consumption should occur rarely and in very small quantities.

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