Swelling of the hands is not always harmless

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Swelling of the hands is not always harmless
Swelling of the hands is not always harmless

If you like to wear rings, you've probably noticed that sometimes they fit looser and other times you can barely get them off your fingers. Why do hands swell? What is the reason you can't remove your rings?

Don't worry - you don't have to rush to lose weight right away. Swollen hands are not always due to weight gain.

Your body reacts to temperature

The main reason why your fingers swell and you notice it on your jewelry is because your body is reacting to temperature fluctuations in the surrounding environment. When you are in a cold environment, your body tries to conserve its internal heat. This process is called vasoconstriction.

This is necessary as heat is very easily lost through the skin. Through this process, the body tries to reduce the flow of blood to the extremities, especially the fingers and toes. This causes tissue and blood vessels to constrict. So you feel like your rings are going to fall off your fingers.

The opposite happens when it's warm outside. The swelling comes because of the body's desire to use up the excess temperature in order not to overheat when the environment is hot. Blood vessels and tissues dilate. The process is called vasodilation.

This expansion causes the legs and arms to swell.

There may be other reasons for the appearance of swelling of the legs and arms:


If your fingers swell every morning, it could be a sign of arthritis.

Physical load


Many people feel that their hands swell during exercise. This may be because exercise causes muscles to generate heat so that blood vessels dilate, dissipating excess heat.

Water retention

If you consume excessive amounts of sodium, your body will need to retain more water to dilute the s alts. This will make you look and feel puffy.

Limit your sodium intake not only to reduce puffiness, but also to boost heart he alth.

Medications, congestive heart activity, liver or kidney disease can also cause swelling in the extremities.


During pregnancy, the body produces about 50% more blood to help the baby grow.

This causes overall swelling of the body as fluids fill the tissues and cells. This inevitably affects the arms, legs and weight in general.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

This problem is faced by people who work very intensively with their hands. Activities such as typing on a computer or other writing device, injuries to the hands, fingers or wrists can cause in addition to severe pain and significant swelling.

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