When you should not announce your pregnancy

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When you should not announce your pregnancy
When you should not announce your pregnancy

The common belief is that pregnancy should be kept a secret during the first 3 months, when it is still uncertain whether the fetus will be able to hold and develop. Some keep it secret for superstitious reasons, others for medical reasons.

But some women are so happy about the wonderful news that they can't wait to share it with the whole world. Joy is a completely normal reaction, but nevertheless there are some moments when it is rather inappropriate to share your pregnancy and you need to wait for a more appropriate moment.

On someone else's special moment

If your friend has just announced some good news, don't rush to interrupt her special moment and break your news. Don't take away from her joy. Wait a moment to enjoy the moment and share it afterwards. Imagine how you would feel if someone intercepted your joy in a similar way.

When you are angry

Don't let the news slip to you while you are angry or arguing with someone, especially a loved one. It will sound like you are trying to make him feel guilty about the argument because of your condition. You will even take away the opportunity for him to be happy for you.


If you announce your pregnancy publicly, you must have a purpose. Otherwise, you may get mixed reactions, including silence and indifference. This news is suitable for sharing with relatives, friends and colleagues with whom you have a direct work relationship.

During a job interview

Think your sincerity and honesty will be highly appreciated in a job interview? You are wrong. What you are most likely to get is a refusal of appointment. If your pregnancy is not obvious and you are in the early stages, you have plenty of time to announce it after you are hired. Think about your future.

To your kids before you decide to make it official to everyone

Children take this news in a special way and if you are not completely sure, take your time. Prepare the ground, start from a distance, not directly, so as not to have the opposite effect of rejection and the appearance of jealousy. Tell your children only when you are determined to share the news with the rest of your loved ones officially.

To people sensitive about this topic

Imagine that you have gathered your family and loved ones for dinner on another occasion and you decide that now is the time to break the news. Think about whether you are going to affect someone and whether you are not going to hurt a person who is struggling with conceiving difficulties at the moment or if one of the women present has recently suffered a miscarriage, for example. Such moments are delicate and it is good to think in advance.

Before you are ready

It's definitely okay not to talk about your pregnancy if you're not ready yet. Every woman has her own way of experiencing such changes in her life. It is important that you first feel ready before you decide to share the good news with the world.

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