Pregnancy myths that doctors debunk

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Pregnancy myths that doctors debunk
Pregnancy myths that doctors debunk

Every pregnant woman worries about the he alth and condition of her baby. Each new day of pregnancy is marked by various changes that give rise to doubts and a desire to search for answers. Widespread pregnancy myths seem to provide answers, but doctors disagree.

That's why we're going to try to debunk some of the most common myths that pregnant women believe.

Morning sickness only happens in the morning

People believe this myth because nausea is conventionally called morning sickness. It is most often manifested in the morning, and this is a fact. But this does not mean that symptoms cannot occur at other times of the day. A feeling of nausea and vomiting can also be observed in the afternoon, and in some women even at night.

Morning sickness predicts baby gender

Women who are pregnant with a boy are said to experience milder symptoms of morning sickness compared to expectant mothers of girls. This is one of the many myths about baby gender and guessing it. Doctors believe that the sex of the baby has nothing to do with the nausea, but with the raging hormones in fluctuating values at the beginning of the pregnancy, and also after.

A little alcohol doesn't hurt

This is one of the most common myths that aims to reassure pregnant women that there is nothing wrong with having a glass of your favorite wine, beer and even more concentrated alcohol. Some doctors even maintain that a small amount of alcohol is not harmful.

The truth is that even the smallest amount of alcohol is not good for the fetus. You can never be sure how you'll feel after even one sip. Those who choose to drink during pregnancy risk premature birth, birth of an underweight baby, fetal alcohol syndrome.

Wide hip makes childbirth easier

Women who have wide hips and a natural space between the thighs are considered anointed because they would not have problems during a natural birth. This notion is as old as the world, but very wrong.

Everything depends on the structure and width of the pelvis. This bone has nothing to do with the hips and hip width. What has to do with childbirth is the width of the pelvic bone itself, not the tissues that cover it and give the impression of a big butt.

You must eat for two

We hope that less and less women believe this myth, because it is not only wrong, but also harmful to he alth. Loading the mother's body with excess calories puts the he alth of both the pregnant woman and the baby at risk.

Coffee is forbidden

Unlike alcohol, coffee is not completely prohibited. Caffeine has quite a few negative effects, but only if it is in high doses. A cup of coffee a day supplies useful antioxidants to the body.

The shape of the belly suggests the gender of the baby

If you carry the baby high, it will be a boy. If you wear low, and the belly is wider, then it is a girl. Doctors are genuinely amused by these notions because there is nothing scientific about them. The shape of the pregnant belly is a reflection of the condition of the muscles, the amount of subcutaneous fat and tone.

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