Prepare the body for pregnancy

Prepare the body for pregnancy
Prepare the body for pregnancy

If you are planning to get pregnant or have been thinking about it for some time, we can help you with a few recommendations on how to prepare your body, mind and soul for this truly intimate experience.

Start with food This is the first step towards cleansing the body. Remove harmful foods from your menu and focus on products with high nutritional qualities. This is necessary to make sure you are doing everything you can to conceive a he althy baby. The he althier our bodies are before conception, the better the conditions will be for conception and an easy pregnancy. Try to eat clean products, free of hormones and harmful chemicals.

Limit toxins in your life. This can be done by eating more local and organic foods that are grown without pesticides, using natural cleaning products. Avoid drinking water from plastic bottles or eating food that has been stored for a long time in plastic packaging. Replace your cosmetics with organic products. Use sulfate and paraben free shampoo.

Consume warm foods. According to many acupuncturists, a warmed womb has better chances of conception, so they advise to regularly consume warm foods - soups, steamed vegetables, brown rice.

Do yoga poses that will help you relax and move your reproductive organs. Such poses are: legs on the wall, double pigeon, butterfly, lotus. More about these poses

Reduce stress. The stress of everyday life has a negative effect on he alth and, respectively, on reproductive abilities. Stress affects cortisol levels, which rise under stress, and these high levels of the hormone suppress ovulation and reduce sperm count and sex drive. Stress tightens the body, leading to stagnation of energy and constriction of blood vessels. What will help you relax and isolate the effects of stress is yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, massages, walks in nature, good sleep, acupuncture.

Turn negative thoughts into positive ones Very often it happens that we women listen to someone's opinion about our own life and it affects negatively. For example, someone tells you that you are past the years when you could become a mother, and the worst thing is that you start to believe in this other's opinion, and not in your own desires. In spite of such negative opinions, strive to turn every negative thought into a positive one. Tell yourself, "My body is strong and he althy for pregnancy," and believe it. The mind has incredible power, use it.

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