Effective ways to use olive oil for constipation

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Effective ways to use olive oil for constipation
Effective ways to use olive oil for constipation

Olive oil has been proven over the centuries as a remedy for many conditions, including one of the most unpleasant and uncomfortable in everyday life - constipation.

Constipation is a common problem of the gastrointestinal tract in which there is an excruciatingly slow bowel movement. It can lead to a feeling of bloating, gas, discomfort, as if you swallowed stones.

Using olive oil in various combinations with other foods has a proven effect on constipation. It is also useful for pregnant women, where constipation is a common problem and taking purgatives is not recommended.

Olive oil in combination with which foods is useful for constipation?

Olive oil with lemon juice

Mix 1 tablespoon of olive oil with 6-7 drops of fresh lemon juice. This will make the olive oil more aromatic. Lemon juice has additional he alth benefits as citric acid speeds up bowel movements.

Olive oil with fruits and vegetables

Olive oil goes perfectly with some fruits and vegetables. These combinations supply fiber, useful fats and fatty acids to the intestines, making their movements faster and the removal of toxins better. Add a little olive oil to vegetable and fruit salads for best results.

Olive oil with yogurt

Mix 1 tablespoon of olive oil with 1 cup of yogurt. Olive oil enhances the action of beneficial bacteria in yogurt, favors the release of digestive enzymes and stimulates bowel movement. You can't go wrong by adding some high-fiber fruit to your olive oil milk. Such are, for example, forest fruits.

Pure olive oil

You can also drink pure olive oil, as long as it is not too unpleasant for you. It is a direct solution to constipation. It works quickly and without fail. If you can't stand the taste and feel of fat, try one of the above combinations. Otherwise, 1 tablespoon of olive oil in the morning and evening on an empty stomach will help you provoke your bowels.

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