Medium snacks as a means of better he alth

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Medium snacks as a means of better he alth
Medium snacks as a means of better he alth

Snacks can help you achieve better he alth, but they can also make it worse if not consumed properly.

We often abuse snacking between main meals. These harmful portions of food that we eat unconsciously and without being hungry bring us extra calories. The result is excess weight, chronic diseases, risk of diabetes and hormonal problems.

Before we reach for the snack we need to ask ourselves some questions. They will help us use snacking as a means to a he althier life.

1. What time is it?

Whenever you get fed up with something, look at the time. Try to control your food intake according to the weather. This is how he althy habits are built, which help the body break down food better. Eat at the same time of the day, including snacks.

2. Am I hungry or emotionally hungry?

Reaching for food due to stress, tension, nervousness, sadness, depression is a common phenomenon. Put the brakes on yourself when you're craving something, especially if it's junk food. Answer yourself if you are really hungry or if you are hungry for the sake of eating.

3. Do I control the portions on the plate and the cup?

When we eat something between meals, we often eat it from a package, ready-made breakfast, something wrapped or in a box. Even when it comes to nuts, which are otherwise he althy, we eat more than our body needs.

To make the snack really useful, put it on a plate, container or cup. This way you will be able to control and determine exactly the portion to eat and you will limit the uncontrolled absorption of calories.

4. How can I boost my he alth?

Explore he althy snacks. Choose them wisely. Don't reach for the rolls, waffles, croissants, and all the other packaged snacks that lure you off the store shelves.

Emphasis on fruits, vegetables, nuts, products with antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids.

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