Where can you go wrong in consuming chia?

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Where can you go wrong in consuming chia?
Where can you go wrong in consuming chia?

Chia seeds are a great source of nutrients. They have been used since ancient times, when the Mayans and Aztecs discovered their he althy qualities Nowadays, chiya is a wonderful addition to the diet. Thanks to its irreplaceable benefits, it is part of the principles of he althy nutrition

Chiya can be consumed in many ways. It is included in salads, desserts, creams, dressings, baked goods, shakes and smoothies.

Among the nutritional qualities of chia, which makes it so preferred by many, is the rich presence of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fiber and antioxidants Its composition includesiron, calcium, manganese Chia is useful for improving the functions of the cardiovascular system. It can contribute to the prevention of diabetes. Helps maintain a he althy weight by stimulating digestion and metabolism.

But how to properly consume chia seeds so that we get all these he alth benefits?

What is the mistake in consuming chia that must be avoided?

Chia seeds must be consumed well moistened. They have the property of swelling in contact with liquids. If they are eaten dry or insufficiently swollen, it runs the risk of swelling in the digestive tract, and this has its own dangerous consequences.

When chia seeds come into contact with a liquid medium, whether it is water, another liquid, or the liquid inside your body, they swell repeatedly. According to he althline.com, chia seeds expand up to 27 times in size after coming into contact with water. This means that they suck up the liquid they come in contact with. Therefore, if you ingest the dry or under-swollen chia seeds, it can cause a series of problems to occur in your body.

Chia seeds contain a jelly-like substance that activates on contact with liquids. It takes time for the seeds to swell enough to be edible. It is preferable to let them swell for at least an hour. This way you will reap all the benefits of consuming chia.

However, if you rush and add dry seeds to your salad or breakfast, for example, and eat them right away, that's a mistake. Dry seeds can get stuck in the esophagus, sticking because of the process of swelling and release of the jelly-like substance. This can cause dryness, coughing, irritation, inability to swallow, shortness of breath.

Consumption of dry or under-swollen chia seeds can also cause digestive problems. They swell in the stomach and intestines, and this can cause pain, cramps, diarrhea, constipation, the appearance of a large amount of gas due to the rich presence of fiber.

Always consume chia after making sure it is sufficiently well dissolved in liquid and well swollen.

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