Japanese Banana Diet

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Japanese Banana Diet
Japanese Banana Diet

How often do you diet? As you know, every diet plan has its own rules to follow. Some of them make the diet more difficult to follow and we often give up on following it at the beginning. But today in our he alth section, we share with you the morning banana diet. Those who love to eat bananas will be happy with the regimen.

What you need to know about diet?

Start the day with a glass of water (maybe 2-3) at room temperature (drink it in small sips) and 1-2 bananas. If you are not fond of these fruits, you can replace them with others, but if it will be apples, peaches, etc., it is important to have breakfast with only one type of fruit, and not to combine them as in a fruit salad. After 30 minutes after consuming the bananas, if you still feel hungry, eat 1 more banana.

For lunch and dinner, eat normally. The last meal of the day should be by 20:00, no later and without desserts. If you still feel very hungry an hour or two after eating, you can indulge in a piece of fruit.

He althy foods that raise HDL (good) cholesterol

There are no restrictions on the type of foods and their quantity, but still remember that you follow the diet in order to relieve your body and lose a few extra pounds.

For lunch you can prepare a he althy salad and eat 1 banana for example. Try replacing fried foods with baked, boiled or steamed foods.

If you consume rice, you can reduce the portion. Eat so that you feel slightly hungry, not to the point of overeating. You can drink coffee, tea, water (with room temperature) and on special occasions wine or beer.

Donuts, ice creams, chips, packaged foods in general are not allowed.

Chew your food carefully.

You can have small snacks, but it is important that there is a break of about 3-4 hours between them and the main meals. What to eat? You can allow yourself 2-3 bars of dark chocolate, a handful of raw nuts, a handful of cooked rice, 1 banana or another fruit.

If possible, go to bed earlier in the evening. It's good to pay attention to physical activity and make it part of your daily routine.

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