Spring detox of the body - for more energy and a new beginning

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Spring detox of the body - for more energy and a new beginning
Spring detox of the body - for more energy and a new beginning

Spring is the most invigorating season. We are making a new beginning, especially when it comes to taking care of our bodies. In winter, we suffer from colds and flu more often, which necessitates medication, we eat less he althy foods, we gain weight, we move less, and in addition, stress at home or at work…

It's time to spring clean the body, it's time to detox. Thanks to it, we will feel he althier, our skin will improve its condition, and we will also be able to lose another extra kilo.

What are the steps of spring detox?

Eliminate or reduce the consumption of the following foods and drinks – alcohol, dairy products; sugar, white flour, sausages, processed and packaged foods, ready soups. Just a few days after eliminating them from your menu, you will feel how much better you feel without them, and the list of foods you can afford to eat is surprisingly long.

Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables – Particularly useful for detoxifying the body are beets, broccoli and celery, spinach, berries, lemons, fresh spices, apples, kiwis.

Sportuvayte - part of the he althier spring start is precisely the sports routine. Sports help to detoxify our body, support the function of the lymphatic system. For example, intensive walking and swimming are suitable for the lymphatic system. Yoga is great for maintaining and strengthening all systems in the body. Find your activity, whether it's fitness, zumba or any other type of exercise, you need to feel energized. Regular exercise will improve your energy levels, which are lower in some people at the beginning of spring.

Take two or three servings a day of he althy sources of protein – they will help you get back in shape after the winter binge. Add to your menu fish, quality poultry, eggs, beans, lentils, quality red meat, raw or roasted nuts, but without added s alt.

More herbal teas – herbs are great for detox, boosting immunity, eliminating excess fluids and improving metabolism in the spring. Prepare more often dandelion, nettle, chamomile, thyme teas, as well as antioxidant-rich green tea.


Don't skip breakfast - start your day with a glass of water with a little lemon juice and honey. About 20 minutes after that, eat a breakfast made from he althy foods. Cornflakes and juice are not among them.

Pamper yourself with sauna, steam room, body massage – If you have a good tolerance for sauna and steam room, you can make them part of your exercise routine. They help detox the whole body, skin, muscle relaxation, emotional relaxation. Body massages also benefit our general he alth in many ways. They support lymphatic drainage, which also reduces the formation of cellulite. Last but not least, massages are our relaxation therapy from everyday stress.

Mental Detox - it is the basis of everything. Stress is always with us. It is important to try to counteract the negative thoughts that make us sick. Meditation, yoga, enough hours of sleep, change in the way of thinking, sports… All these help to detoxify our mind.

What can you expect when you start your spring detox?

The body tells you when it needs cleansing, but even when this happens, some ailments are possible that should not scare you, such as:

Headache – common, but this discomfort usually passes within a few days.

Constipation – if this happens, add ground flaxseed to your menu.

Whitening of the tongue, bad breath - a completely normal reaction of the body. Clean your tongue well 2 times a day.

Pimples – pimples that disappear within a few days are also a sign that your body is cleansing.

Fatigue - you shouldn't starve, just include enough fresh fruits and vegetables in your menu, as well as proteins.

Strong cravings for sweets - did you know that we can develop an addiction to sugar and sweets? The good thing is that it is not difficult to overcome. When you crave something sweet, cheat your hunger for it with dark chocolate with at least 75% cocoa, dried fruit, no added sugar, fresh fruit.

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