What to replace favorite harmful foods with

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What to replace favorite harmful foods with
What to replace favorite harmful foods with

Chips, sweets, fried foods… We love to consume them, even though we know they are harmful to our he alth and beauty. Fortunately, there are he althier options with which to replace some of the most frequently consumed and so loved harmful foods. Check out some of them.

Dried fruits instead of sweets

When we talk about he althy eating and diet, the most difficult is the battle with sugar and sweets. Unfortunately, they have a lot of calories, no nutritional value. When you're craving something sweet, replace it with dried fruits that are natural with no added sugar. You can also prepare he althy raw candies with them. If you like berries, you can replace the treats with them as well. They will provide you with vitamins, fiber, and are low in calories.

Replace French Fries with Baked Sweet Potatoes

We know that even if we prepare them at home, French fries are greasy and contain a lot of calories. Sweet potatoes are suitable for dietary diets and are an excellent alternative to regular potatoes. They are rich in vitamin A and antioxidants. Cook them in the oven, with a little olive oil and fresh herbs.



We all love them because they come with fries, sauces, fluffy bread. Well, to make this meal he althier, it would be good to prepare it at home. Cook chicken, beef or pork on a grill pan. Season it with s alt and pepper. Instead of regular bread, prepare these cloud breads, see the recipe here. You can also make homemade mayonnaise, and of course, emphasize fresh vegetables in your he althy version of the burger.

Milk chocolate or dark?

Although we enjoy the first one more, the he althier choice is dark chocolate, especially if we want to reduce our sugar intake and follow a diet. It is important that the dark chocolate consumed has at least 80% cocoa content and that we eat it in small quantities.

Homemade ice cream instead of the store

Another way to replace your favorite but unhe althy ice cream from the store is to make it at home using fruit, a little honey for sweetness, cocoa. We share an easy and quick recipe.

Replace crackers with nuts or dates

Even whole grain biscuits and those without gluten are not recommended for frequent consumption. Our body needs carbohydrates, but what we choose to give it is important. Instead of eating biscuits, cakes, replace them with raw almonds, walnuts or dates without added sugars. They will fill you up and provide you with he althy fats, protein and antioxidants. Or make he althy cookies like these.

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