Petko and Yana are planning a wedding in October

Petko and Yana are planning a wedding in October
Petko and Yana are planning a wedding in October

Petko Dimitrov and Yana Akimova became a couple during the filming of the show "Dancing Stars". Apart from them, the spark of love ignited between 2 more couples - Angel and Dorina and Deo and Elena. With the latter, however, things have already ended, with Angel and Dorina, the passion is still strong, and with Petko and Yana, the relationship is going towards a wedding, and it is widely rumored that the secular event will take place on October 20 of this year.

“Yes, we love each other! Contrary to all scriptures that we came together for something else, I can't even guess what exactly, we like being around each other. Even when we have hard days, we immediately smile when we see each other. I think we found each other, what could be better than that," Petko and Yana reveal in an interview for Story magazine.

On the two "burning" topics in the public space, Petko is categorical: "There will be a wedding. Yana is not pregnant - we are working on it".

Yana does not miss the opportunity to praise her future husband. "He cooks really well, has an amazing sense of humor and I'm not at all worried about his playboy image. I didn't even know about him before we met. I'm very glad that I didn't know about it, because now I know it in my own way, in a very direct way, without prejudices and expectations," says the dancer.

The two admit that among their favorite things are going to the movies, meeting friends at a bar and… having sex.

Both of them don't make plans for the future, but they are winged by love and want a he althy family.

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