5 easy ways to make a dark bedroom brighter and brighter

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5 easy ways to make a dark bedroom brighter and brighter
5 easy ways to make a dark bedroom brighter and brighter

When it's time to sleep, the bedroom should be as dark as possible. Even the smallest light source interferes with the synthesis of melatonin, the sleep hormone. In order to fall asleep quickly and your sleep to be deep and quality, there should be no light in the bedroom. It should be as dark as possible.

But that's not what you want during daylight hours. Not everyone can boast of a well-lit and welcoming bedroom, with southern windows, with a lot of light during the day, creating mood and warmth. This is a common problem. Not only the northern location can create gloom and darkness in the bedroom. External structures, buildings, large trees, insufficient number of windows may be part of your problem.

How to bring an additional feeling of light, coziness and friendliness into your dark bedroom? Here are some ways to improve a gloomy interior.

Bring in extra light

If your bedroom is dark and you don't get enough light from the windows because of the exposure or because of the small number of windows, provide additional light. It is best if it is scattered around the different corners of the room. Bedside lamps and spotlights are a great choice for a bedroom. They provide both comfort and light without being obtrusive. They can be adjusted. If you don't want them to light up at the same time, you can highlight only one corner.

Smart color choice

If your bedroom is dark and uninviting, you can lighten it optically by furnishing it with light furniture and painting the walls in the lightest colors possible. Accessories and decorative elements in light shades also contribute to improving the brightness of the room.

More mirrors

The mirrors scatter the little light that enters the bedroom. Place them strategically to optically expand the space and make it look brighter and brighter. Mirrors help to dispel the darkness and make the bedroom appear brighter than it actually is.

Bedding and accessories should evoke contrast

In a dark bedroom there is a need for contrast to expand the space, add emphasis and freshness, create more of a feeling of light. Use the accessories in the room as well as the colors of the bedding. If you choose light shades, they will help you give a bright finish to the bedroom, which will create a feeling of spaciousness and mood.

Keep the curtains aside

Open the curtains only in the evening when you want to get ready for sleep. During the day, move them away from the windows to allow natural light to freely enter the room. If you have blinds on your windows, be sure to raise or open them. Dark curtains are not a good idea in a poorly lit bedroom. You can use curtains in light colors but with a dense fabric texture so that they can block the light when you don't want it to enter. But the light colors of the curtains will still create a feeling of spaciousness and light.

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