10 ways to use mirrors correctly according to feng shui

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10 ways to use mirrors correctly according to feng shui
10 ways to use mirrors correctly according to feng shui

Fungshui can help channel the energy in your home to bring you happiness, love, luck, prosperity. The arrangement of things, their placement, the materials they are made of, their colors, as well as their placement in relation to other things, doors, windows, is important. All these prerequisites are important for stimulating the normal flow of energy and its purification.

Mirrors occupy an essential part of the feng shui philosophy. They are an item that can help you improve the energy in your home, but can also make it worse if you use them incorrectly.

How to properly use mirrors in your home interior according to the principles of feng shui? Here are 10 ways to do it.

1. Place mirrors perpendicular to the front door

It is recommended to place a mirror directly opposite the front door because it is very important in feng shui. The mirror will help you expand your possibilities, connect with your success and prosperity, inviting them to freely enter the door into your home.

2. Use mirrors on every wall in the dining room

In the dining room where you eat, you can use as many mirrors as you want. You can put them on any wall. In this room we spend a large part of our daily life, so we can try to reflect more of our life through the mirrors. This helps to attract we alth and prosperity.

3. Avoid mirrors in the kitchen

The kitchen is not a suitable place to put mirrors. It is worst if you place a mirror facing the oven. This is believed to bring bad energy to the home.

4. Place a mirror in front of a beautiful view

According to feng shui, if you place a mirror in a place that reveals a beautiful view, such as a window overlooking a park or a mountain, it is wonderful for improving the he alth of everyone in the home. This will bring more light into the home.

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