How to reduce belly bloat?

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How to reduce belly bloat?
How to reduce belly bloat?

After eating a large meal, before a period or even after eating certain foods, it is possible for our abdomen to swell and pain and unpleasant gases to appear. Sometimes swelling of the abdomen starts already in the morning and is accompanied by swelling of the eyes, fingers. How to help yourself in these moments? We share 5 natural remedies for you to try.

Make yourself a morning elixir

One of the best things you can do for your overall belly he alth and those times when you feel bloated is to drink a glass of room temperature water with a small amount of apple juice added to it vinegar and fresh lemon juice.

Vinegar will act as a probiotic and contribute to good digestion. Your lymphatic system will wake up and begin its work of flushing and cleansing. Lemons, on the other hand, belong to the group of alkaline foods and will adjust the pH level of your body.


Dill tea

Dill tea is extremely good for stomach colic and bloating. The herb has been used for thousands of years in many ancient cultures. Fennel seeds are rich in volatile oils that help eliminate inflammation, kill bacteria and microbes, and have an antispasmodic effect. They also improve digestion and rid the body of excess gases.



Vegetables are not only delicious, they can also reduce bloating. Asparagus acts as a natural diuretic and improves bowel functions. There are many different ways to prepare them.


Ginger is a natural remedy that everyone should have in their kitchen. The spice has a pleasant taste and aroma, slightly spicy.

Recommended during colds, stomach discomfort and nausea, as well as to relieve a swollen belly.

You can benefit from its positive action by adding it to teas, fresh juices, meals, smoothies. Also, ginger belongs to the so-called thermoprotectors, which warm the body from the inside out, which also helps to burn excess calories

Cucumber water

When you have gas in your stomach one of the best drinks is water. To make it even more cleansing and reduce your ailments, add a few slices of cucumber to it. Cucumber is another natural diuretic and contains silica, which helps eliminate excess fluid and gas.

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