7 things that bring a lot of bad luck to the home

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7 things that bring a lot of bad luck to the home
7 things that bring a lot of bad luck to the home

Every nation has its superstitions that have been embedded in the culture for centuries. According to our cultural traditions, as well as according to feng shui, what you keep in your home has a big impact on the energy in it and the luck in your life. Certain objects, utensils and belongings are considered to bring bad luck in the home, which affects you and your loved ones badly.

Even if you are not superstitious, these beliefs can still influence you and cause you to throw away certain items that are considered to bring bad luck.

That's who they are.

Rocking chairs

A rocking chair is an antique piece of furniture that may have sentimental value if it was left over from your grandparents. But they bring bad luck, according to an Irish legend, according to which if there is a rocking chair in the home, it invites evil spirits to inhabit your house.

Broken and broken watches

According to feng shui, broken or stopped clocks should either be thrown away or re-adjusted to keep up with the times. Otherwise, it brings bad luck. It can cause an inner turmoil in your life where nothing will be in place. Timekeeping should always be accurate, according to feng shui. According to some legends, stopped clocks in the home can also bring death.


Bad news for prickly succulent lovers. Cacti at home bring misfortune. All plants with thorns attract bad energy and can lead to tension and deterioration of relationships in the home.

Unmade bed

Make your bed when you get up in the morning. An unmade bed and clutter in the bedroom attract bad luck, can lead to insomnia, inability to concentrate during the day, bad luck.

Open Umbrella

Don't keep an open umbrella at home because bringing any item meant for outside use can cause bad energy in your home. When bringing an umbrella, make sure it is always closed.

Outdated Calendar

The reasoning with old calendars showing times gone by is the same as with clocks. To be lucky, to keep up with the present and look with enthusiasm to the future, you need to close the page of the past. So don't leave outdated calendars in your home.

Dead and withered plants

If you want your home to see life, don't keep dead plants. Withered plants should be removed from the home immediately. Decorate it instead with vibrant, lush and moody plants. This will attract prosperity and good luck.

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