5 marriage myths that are harmful to believe

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5 marriage myths that are harmful to believe
5 marriage myths that are harmful to believe

Marriage is subject to many concepts, some of which are infinitely wrong and because of which they hinder the success of the relationship between the two partners. There are many myths and stereotypes, which in many cases are harmful to marriage and which hinder the happiness of the couple. Who are they and why should you not trust them?

Myth: Your husband should also be your best friend

Expecting the man next to you to be both your beloved, intimate partner and friend to talk to like you talk to your girlfriends is harmful to marriage. This expectation makes you feel angry as you begin to realize that there is a big difference between this kind of friendship and the other. It is important that spouses learn to distinguish between their ideas about marriage and happiness in it, so that they do not diverge in their expectations from the relationship. Any unrealistic idea brings negativity that can ruin relationships.

Myth: There is a solution for every dispute

In fact, it's not like that at all. It is wrongly believed that with compromises and communication, absolutely every conflict can be resolved. There are so many other factors that are no less determinative of whether a conflict is surmountable or not. If you believe this myth and tell yourself that things will get better with more talking and compromising, you risk getting deeper into a relationship that isn't for you and that actually makes you unhappy.

Myth: Old problems disappear after you get married

Let's be honest: relationships take a lot of work and effort to last in the best possible way. If you had problems before marriage and you convince yourself that after legalizing your relationship things will change, you are wrong. It's like convincing yourself that having a child would make your relationship stronger. If problems are swept under the rug, neither marriage nor children will fix them. They would even deepen them.

Myth: Sex after marriage either disappears, or happens rarely, or worse – becomes boring

Comparing one's own sex life to that of other couples can create complexes that can actually hinder the success of a marriage. Remember that your intimate relationships depend on you and your attitudes towards them, whether you are in a relationship or married. For many couples, marital relationships even make sex even better.

Myth: Never go to bed angry

This old myth is very far from reality. As awkward and unpleasant as it is to sleep with your back to each other, it sometimes happens between married couples. It is unnecessary to believe this myth, because in many cases it is better to sleep and rethink some constructive decisions than to forcefully reconcile without reaching a consensus. Sometimes a little anger is good for a relationship.

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